Cars Terms & Conditions

Driver's Age: Driver should be of minimum age of 23 years and maximum 74years old.

Driving license: The Driver must have a valid Driving license issued at least a year ago. The driver must have a valid driving license or an international driving license for citizens of Non-EU countries along with their regular driver’s license. In order to rent a 125cc scooter you have to have a moto driving license category A or A1 or A2

Methods of Payment: For the completion of car reservation, the 40% as prepayment is required. The prepayment can be done either with deposit at a bank account, or by Paypal. The use of a Credit card is a necessary guarantee prerequisite for all Car Categories, regardless of the means of payment.

Prepaid Reservations Cancellation Policy

Customers cancelling their reservation 20days ahead of time of pick-up of the reservation, will be refunded the full reservation amount deposited.

Customers cancelling their reservation less than 19days but at least 11days before pick-up time will be refunded 50% of the full reservation amount deposited.

Customers cancelling their reservation less than 10days before the pick-up time of the reservation, as also Non-Showed customers or those who cancel the reservation later that the pick-up time, will not be refunded at all.

Minimum Rental Period : 1 day (24 hours).

Insurance: Prices include the below mentioned Insurance coverage:

a.) In Case of injury of thirds, up to 1.220.000€ per person

b.) In Case of third persons' property damages (except Maistrali's vehicle) up to 1.220.000€

c) Personal driver’s accident up to 5.000€

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) : The Customer's liability can be reduced to 900,00€ for all car cateogories with extra daily cost of 8,00€.

a.)  d) Regardless of whether the Customer has accepted CDW, he is held liable to the full restoration of damages caused on wheels, tires as well as the bottom of the car, as well as any damages caused because of violation of traffic code & regulations.

b.)   e) None of the insurances do not cover hit underneath the car, glass or mirrors breaking, flat tires.

d     d) Also applied extra insurances SCDW, WUG, FDW, SDW+WUG, FDW+WUG, which reduce the liability of the renter. Details in extras in booking form

Personal Belongings & Valuables: The Company is not liable for personal belongings / Valuables that were stolen / lost from the vehicle or damaged during an accident

Accident processing fee: The Driver is charged with 15 Euros in case of an accident he is held liable for. This amount is not refundable

Fuel: Is paid by the customer.

After hours Deliveries-Collections: Charged with 20,00euros

Child Seats: Can be provided following a confirmed reservation with an extra charge of 4 Euros per day

Car Categories: Car models displayed are indicative. The Company holds the right to change the Car mode, without any prior notice to another of the same C.C.

Delivery/ Collection: To/from our Stations, port, airport, hotels : Free of Charge

Taxes airport charges: Taxes & airport charges are included in the prices displayed.

Traffic Violations: All fines and consequences because of administrative penalties are incurred by the Customer

Ship Transfer: Is allowed only after prior request by the customer and approval by the company.

Price Adjustments: Prices maybe subject to change without any prior notice.

You can contact by email to or by phone to 0030 6936 691543 for any further info.

Scooters Terms & Conditions

DRIVER’S AGE: Minimum 22 years old

Driver’s license: The driver must be holder of a driver’s license or international driver’s license for the respective motor-cycle category. The driver’s license must be in effect and issued in the house of domicile of the renter at least (1) one year prior to the rental date. In order to rent a 125cc scooter you have to have a moto driving license category A or A1 or A2

Rental period: the minimum rental duration is one day (24 hours). Any delay (to the due delivery time) of more than 3 hours is charged with one additional rental day.

Insurance: All rental prices include third party liability. The renter is liable for any damage or theft (in whole or in part) caused to the rented scooter up to the amount of its commercial value at the time of the accident / theft. The renter shall pay the amount corresponding to the damage caused to Maistrali Car Rental‘s scooter, regardless of the party responsible for such damage and shall be reimbursed of the amount in question, if and when Maistrali Car Rental receives said damages.

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (C.D.W.): The renter’s liability for damage to the vehicle can be reduced to an excess amount, by paying an additional daily fee.  CDW does not cover damages to the wheels-tires.

ATTENTION: The aforementioned insurance protection does NOT apply in the following cases:

·         In any kind of incident for which it is arrested that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

·         For damages that are caused by driving on non-asphalt roads.

·         For damages caused to the lower part (underneath) the scooter, or to the tires and rims.

·         For accidents caused by a driver who is not declared in the rental contract.

·       In case of accidents for which the renter has not informed the station of Maistrali Car Rental nor has he submitted the relevant accident declaration, as required by Greek law, regardless if he/she is responsible or not.

The sums of money relative to the damage or loss of the scooter are paid directly by the renter, even if he/she is covered by a credit/debit card insurance. In such a case, the renter is under the obligation to pay to Maistrali Car Rental the entire cost of repair or replacement of the scooter

FUEL: Paid by the renter. The renter must return the scooter with the same fuel as it was at the time of the delivery. Otherwise he/she shall be charges with the cost of the fuel.

Guarantee: The rental of the scooter is possible only with credit card guarantee (we accept Visa or MasterCard).

Mode of payment: The rental of the motorcycle is paid by cash or credit card (visa, mastercard).

Delivery – Acceptance of delivery: It can take place only at our station and within working hours. For deliveries and acceptance of deliveries to be carried out not within working hours and during official holidays, the renter must communicate with the competent employee of the company (to make delivery arrangements). For scooters not delivered at our premises there must be a prior agreement and the renter shall bare an extra charge.

Reservations: To make a scooter reservation, an advance payment is required, equal to 40% of the rental sum, by deposit in company’s bank account or by Paypal.

Cancellations: In case of cancellation of the reservation Maistrali Car Rental will keep:

·         10% of the total rental amount for cancellations up to 7 days from the date of the reservation

·         15% of the total rental amount for cancellations from 3days up to 6 days from the date of the reservation

·         40% of the total rental amount for cancellations from 1day up tp 2 days from the date of the reservation

Traffic violations – Fines: All fines and penalties are on the renter’s liability

Mileage: unlimited kms

Helmet: A helmet is provided for the renters, according to the European specifications.

The renter

1.       is not allowed to drive the scooter to non-asphalt roads

2.      Must lock the scooter every time that it is not in his attention

3.      Must return the scooter at the same condition when the rental started

4.      Must immediately inform Maistrali Car Rental about any damage or accident of the scooter, between 24hours

5.      Agrees that Maistrali Car Rental is not responsible for any injury happens to the renter during the rental that is not relevant with the rented scooter

SHIPPING: The shipment of the vehicle is not allowed

The above rates, terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice.

Bicycle Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement

Rental duration

Minimum rental duration is one hour. The relevant amount is to be paid upon pickup. In case of returning prior to that one hour, the company will not be liable for refunds.

Driver’s age

The minimum age is 16 years. Due to regulations, no bikes will be offered to children under 16 not accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Pickup and return of the vehicle

The company does not undertake the technical support of the bicycles that are being rented beyond the boundaries of Syros Island. The lessee is obliged to return the bike at the exact place and condition that it was picked up.


For safety and security reasons, it is not possible to rent a bike without the use of a valid ID/passport/driving license or any other official form of identification. Α credit card will be required to rent a vehicle (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), even if the payment is made in cash.

Additional facilities

Upon request, child seats, helmet and bicycle lock are available without extra charge.


  • The passengers under no circumstances should exceed the maximum number of passengers as defined by the manufacturer and the company.
  • The lessee will be held responsible/liable for any wear/damage to the vehicle/bicycle during the rental and is obliged to immediately compensate for that, signing the relevant liability declaration and the amount of the damage upon the return.
  • The lessee is obliged to use the vehicle properly, conforming to the public safety rules and the laws governing safe driving.
  • The lessee declares that he/she will not proceed with the rental and use of vehicles under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
  • The company has the right to refuse to rent any vehicle to people who are drunk or under the influence of drugs and / or stimulants.
  • The company will under no circumstances be liable for any accidents and/or damage to the passengers or third parties caused by the improper behavior or driving of the driver and passengers, as well as criminal mischief during the rental. Solely responsible/liable for all above mentioned is the user/driver/renter.
  • The lessee declares that before each rental, inspects the bicycle and the functionality of it, and concludes that it is of irrevocable acceptance and is picked up in excellent manufacturing condition and functionality. The lessee, under no circumstances proceeds with a rental, if there is a fault on the leased bike. Picking up a bike for rental, constitutes the aforementioned declaration – acceptance of the above.
  • The use of protective equipment and helmet during every rental/lease was instructed during the registration. The use of helmet and protective equipment is provided freely and is unhindered.
  • Regardless of the above, the store is entitled to prohibit the entry and rental of any person it deems, without being obliged to justify this decision.
  • The lessee is aware of the fact that in case of totaling loss or theft of the vehicle during the rental, he/she is obliged to compensate the company with:

o    The amount of 500 € for each two-seater two-wheeled vehicle/bicycle

o    The amount of 1.150 € for each E-bike

Payment Methods

The rent can be paid by cash or by card (VISA, Master Card, American Express) before the start of the rental.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

System operators and system administrators are committed to complying with the current legal framework regarding the confidentiality, management and storage of personal and confidential data they are aware of when providing their services.