Car Rental in Lemnos


Lemnos is the eighth largest island of Greece with an area of 476 square kilometers and the fourth in coastal length (310 kilometers). It is located in the northern Aegean, in the Thracian Sea, between Mount Athos, Samothrace, Imbros and Lesvos. The main port and the capital city of Lemnos is Myrina. Lemnos is a volcanic island with extensive fertile plains. It also has beautiful and clean beaches and is an island ideal for a relaxing holiday.


Worth seeing in Lemnos

Myrina: in the castle of shadows and deer

 Built on the rocky and steep peninsula in Myrina, between the Roman and Turkish Coast, it communicates with the land only from the east. One of the most important sights on the island, which  was originally built by Emperor Andronicus I Komnenos (1118-1185) on sections of an older wall, possibly Archaic. In the 1970s, the municipality of Rhodes donated three  Dama Dama deers, one female and two males, to Limnos. These have been increased and today 50-70 deerS live and move freely within the castle.

Poliochni: a prehistoric settlement in the Aegean

Poliochni of Lemnos was founded in the late 4th to early 3rd millennium BC. on a hill, in Broscopos bay. Centuries and historical periods paint black, cyan, red, green and yellow, one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the Aegean, where various phases of architectural and cultural development have been matched by color-codes by archaeologists.

The villages of Limnos:

The villages of Lemnos are stone masterpieces. Whichever  you may visit, from Myrina to Kontopouli, Kontia and Katalakos, you will admire the elaborate work of stone, the impressive stone carvings and of course the "mantras".



Ferry Boats: The island is connected by ferry with the Prefecture of Attica to Lavrio (9 hours). Lemnos is also connected by ferry from Kavala with 6 to 7 services per week ( 3.5 hours). The island is also connected with Mytilene, Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Mykonos, Syros and Piraeus. 
By Air: Limnos is connected by air with Eleftherios Venizelos airport  of Athens. During the summer months, Limnos is also linked to Charter flights to several European capitals
Inland Roads: Today Limnos has an asphalted network of approximately 200 kilometers, which is generally very good. The roads connecting the capital Myrina with the 36 settlements of the island are paved , except the one to Hephaestia. Intercity transport to the villages is operated by the KTEL of Limnos with two routes per day, except Sundays. There are also taxis based in Myrina. However, you could rent a car in order to have flexibility and autonomy in your travels, at our offices located in Myrina, 79 Dimokratias Ave. 81400, tel. +30 22540 92213 & + 30 6979 410421 and Moudros Road, PO. 81400 Livadochori, +30 22540 92213 & +30 6979 410 421